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Potpourri Boulangerie

Potpourri Boulangerie
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Service. Ambiance. Cuisine.

The Project

Often described as an oasis of relaxation in the middle of Dallas, TX, this little tea shop/bakery began more than 25 years ago. Formerly known as Potpourri of Silk, the tea shop has slowly built a following of loyal customers. Andres Barreiro recently took over as owner and head chef after his parents decided to retire. And, with this new ownership, the shop is ready for a new image that will set them for success in the coming years. Potpourri Boulangerie pride themselves in offering 100% homemade dishes created with local ingredients. They live by their principles of service, ambiance, and cuisine.

The Challenge

Based on our initial assessment of the brand, there were a couple of challenges that we need to overcome. The first was the shop's name; Potpourri of Silk was too hard to remember, it was too hard to make an association between the name and the product sold, and it positioned the company to appeal to a segment that was not their ideal target market. The same could be said about their old logo. Potpourri Boulangerie wanted to be seen as a modern, and appeal to a younger crowd.

The Outcome

The result was a minimalistic and colorful brand identity which included menu redesign, packaging, and pricing and positioning strategies that yielded an increase in revenue close to 50% within the first 3 months, and a 150% increase in website traffic.

"I want to thank Gialli for the passion and attention to detail that you have personally put in while helping create the website and brand identity of who we are and what are we to become. Your thoughts and efforts show completely in your work." - Andres Barreiro, Owner/Chef
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