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Airflow Excellence

Airkitek is the international division of its parent company, Grupo NAMM. They became the leaders in Mexico's HVAC industry by manufacturing high-quality air distribution equipment. Their history of success stretches back for more than 45 years.

The company leadership felt it was time to expand into international markets in early 2020.

The Challenge

Grupo NAMM realized they lacked the tools and information for a successful expansion. They were unaware of what their potential customers were looking for, what their frustrations were, how they needed to position their solutions, and what communication style they should use. They needed a brand.

"We didn’t think our previous brand identity reflected with the quality of our products. We needed a brand that would resonate with our clients and would differentiate us from our competitors." - Abraham Alarcon, Int'l Business Development Manager

The Solution

Our goal was to build a new brand identity for the company. One that would represent the quality of its products, its people's values, its humble origins, and its vision for the future. We named the new brand "Airkitek."

The name "Airkitek" embodies the brand's promise to manufacture thoughtfully designed air distribution equipment.

The symbol is an abstract depiction of an Aztec eagle created with minimalistic representations of the companies four product categories.

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